PERHAPS Diamond Television Zambia should consider scripted acceptance speeches for recipients of the private station’s Personality of the Year Awards (POTYAS) to avoid unpalatable remarks discomforting conduct as was witnessed during Saturday night’s event.

In her acceptance speech after scooping POTYAS’ Most Influential Social Media Personality award,Mutale Mwanza used a derogatory word which instantly attracted an online backlash.

The offensive ‘F’ word uttered on live television was also followed by an unpleasant joke directed at Patriots for Economic Progress president Sean Tembo who handed her the award.

Before uttering the disrespectful remark,the voice-over artiste confessed that she would blame her impending actions on alcohol which she took during the colourful event at which 25 Zambian personalities were recognised last February Ms Mwanza was fired by Hot FM a private radio station on which she co-hosted a hugely popular ‘Breakfast show’
This was for posting disparaging remarks against the Minister of Finance Margaret Mwanakatwe

In the termination letter to Ms Mwanza Hot FM stated then that “We find your brand to be seriously in conflict with the Hot FM brand and values and can no longer allow.

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